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For over decades now,
S. K. Seating Solutions have occupied a prominent place in the office world.
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Our Success Story

This success didn't come by chance. It has been precisely the symbiosis of innovative, ergonomically mature products and pioneering design that has made us one of the leading manufacturers of office chairs.
For over decades now, S. K. Seating Solutions have occupied a prominent place in the office world.

S. K. Seating Solutions competence is reflected not only in particularly high standards of quality and performances but especially in the conviction that offices can be successfully created for people that place particularly individual demands of the working environment. This all means that creativity in the development and the utmost of precision in production and craftsmanship play such key roles in our work. Just as essential as is highly competent and obliging service in consulting, customer support and delivery.

Our Aim

S. K. Seating Solutions its aim to improve the working conditions in the office, thereby increasing the productivity and efficiency of human resources. A necessary fallout of this strategy has been S. K. Seating Solutions growing clientele, ranging from small businesses to institutions and Indian and global corporations.

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D-130,1st Floor, Ansa Industrial Estate,Saki Naka, Saki Vihar Road, Andheri East, Mumbai – 400 072


Acknowledging the science of ergonomics as much as the global march for contemporary seating design, S. K. Seating Solutions is dedicated to providing its clientele a range of quality seating that reflects the skills, capabilities and strategies of the company. The company believes itself as a collection of evolving capabilities, not merely as a collection of products alone. Relying on total quality management, pace seating has the ability to sense the market to empathize with and gain insights from customers. Pace has succeeded in producing chairs with a competitive edge in terms of ergonomics, aesthetical value, functionality, durability and price.

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